Are you looking for unique email template?

Are you looking for someone to manage your email marketing?

I Can Help!

I can plan and implement your entire email campaign from start to finish:

  • Analysis – I analyse the goals of your email campaign, the target audience, imagery and anticipated frequency of communication.
  • Design – I design custom email newsletter according to your business requirement.
  • Development – I develop your newsletter.
  • Testing – I test your newsletter for spam, Cross-Browser and Device (Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Phone) Compatibility.
  •  Send Management – I set up your campaign to be sent automatically at the desired time
  • Reporting – I provide a set of comprehensive reports.

I can also help in –

  •  Email campaign strategy and advice
  •  Email Content Creation and Optimization
  •  Landing Page Creation and Optimization
  •  Email database building strategy
  •  Email campaign integration with websites and Social Media
  •  Email Campaign Performance Analysis
  •  Email Prospecting for Lead Generation and Conversion
  •  Best Practices Development

Email Newsletter Tips –

  •  Make it informative, engaging, compelling, entertaining and FUN to read.
  •  Make it share-able – valuable information you’d want to share with friends.
  •  Make it link back to your website, to your social media, to your shop: to boost SEO, to build community and drive conversion.
  •  Optimise for mobile

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