Is your Google AdWords campaign just burning cash?

Getting Enough Traffic But No Enquiries or Sales?


If yes, I can help!

PPC is one of the quickest ways to get visitors to your website but unfortunately, it’s also one of the quickest ways to blaze through your entire digital marketing budget if you get it wrong.

Pay-per-click advertising can get your company instant traffic and sales, providing a great ROI – but only if the PPC campaign is managed properly.

Google Adwords can be a love/hate affair; with sales/leads being generated at a high cost or with a lack of scaleability. How does a 20% improvement sound?

I believe that effective Adwords Management is a combination of science and creativity. It’s about understanding your potential customers and getting your business in front of them. But it’s also about communication. I have the words to influence your customer’s decisions. And I can get them to buy from you.


Typical AdWords Management Challenges:-

When I began using Google Adwords more than 10 years ago, keywords were a much better cost per click than they are today. As the Google Advertising platform became more popular, the cost per keyword became more competitive.

The most common problems I deal with for clients are:

  • Not achieving good return on investment from google AdWords campaign
  • Shortage of experience in managing AdWords campaign

Once I understand your digital marketing goals I will manage your AdWords and other PPC campaigns to help you overcome all of the above issues.


If you are a small or start up business or wanting to increase your current PPC activity please do not hesitate to contact me.


Here’s why I get results:

  • Advanced google AdWords techniques developed over ten years that google do not share
  • Up-to-date Google Adwords knowledge
  • Detailed Knowledge of Mobile, Google Display Network, Remarketing and retargeting
  • Google Adwords Certified that means I am qualified to help you
  • My focus primarily on your return on investment and business goals
  • I listen carefully to your needs and concerns
  • I treat your business or company like it’s My own

Whether you are a small business of an ASX listed company my Adwords process will work for you.

My approach to Adwords account management


  • Every day I optimise your Adwords campaigns with tasks such as:
  • Tweaking bids
  • Analysing keywords
  • Testing new adverts
  • Monitoring Quality Scores
  • Reviewing conversion data
  • Reviewing Google Analytics
  • Keeping eyes on cost per click
  • Keeping eyes on cost per conversion


Every week I conduct detailed analysis of your AdWords campaign’s performance. I believe in total transparency and want you to see exactly how our work is benefitting your bottom line.


Each month I audit your google AdWords account to analyse how it’s progressing. This identifies what’s working, what isn’t and outlines a roadmap for the coming month.

Why Choose Me for Google AdWords Management?

I am freelance digital marketing expert who has managed Google AdWords accounts for many years for a large variety of businesses. I am Google AdWords certified and on top of the latest Adwords trends and strategies.

After our initial discussion, I will be able to tell you very quickly if your products or services are a good fit for Google AdWords or I will recommend you another digital marketing strategy.

  • Google Adwords Certified
  • No contracts and absolutely no hassles.
  • Total transparency with full account access & regular performance reports.


Within 3-6 months I’ve typically improved return on investment by 30-40%. I don’t stop there. My aim to help your business flourish and grow every month. To achieve this I constantly work on the success of your Google and other PPC marketing.


I offer full service PPC Management. It includes:

  • Campaign health check
  • Analysing your business and identifying your PPC advertising goals
  • Competitors analysis
  • Strategy & tactics
  • Keywords analysis
  • Keyword generation
  • Campaign targeting
  • Adcopy creation – Writing effective ad copy which sell
  • Creative testing
  • Adcopy extensions
  • Bid optimisation
  • Click path analysis
  • Equity weighting
  • Architectural structure
  • Match type
  • Day parting
  • Reporting
  • More clicks: More clicks in same budget
  • Lower Cost Per Click (CPC):Paying less for same keywords
  • More enquiries, leads and sales: Targeted traffic which lead to sales.
  • Increased ROI : Better return from AdWords investment


Already Using Adwords?

Do you want more sales and leads from your current Adwords campaign?

My FREE Adwords audit will show you how

My Adwords Audit will be presented to you and have comprehensive adwords reports and include more than just Adwords findings but also landing page optimisation and conversion rate optimisation ideas. Boost the value and return on your Google AdWords advertising.

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